Terms And Conditions


Warsaw Radom Airport

Pre-booking System Terms and Conditions


 I – Introduction

  1. These Terms and Regulations are established by APCOA Polska Sp. z o. o. (previously APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o. o.). of Warsaw as required by the Electronic Services Act of 18 July 2002 (consol., Journal of Laws 2020, item 344, as amended).
  2. These Terms and Conditions relate to services provided by APCOA Polska Sp. z o. o. (previously APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o. o.) whose registered office is in Warsaw (Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warsaw), and which is registered in the Register of Businesses with the Warsaw District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 12th Division – Commercial, registered KRS number 0000129400, REGON 012110239, NIP 5260307689, having a share capital of PLN 3,000,000 (“APCOA”).
  3. These Terms and Conditions form the basis for APCOA Parking Polska to provide Services to Users via the Car Park Pre-booking System.

II – Definitions

“Pre-booking System” means computer software accessible online and provided by APCOA at https://parking-lotniskowarszawa-radom.pl to enable Users to use the Services without having to install it on a mobile or stationary device through which Users access the Services.

“Booking Confirmation” means and electronic confirmation the a Parking Space was booked or that an agreement was entered into for the lease of a Parking Space at a Car Park.

“Parking Space” means a space at an APCOA-operated and Pre-booking-covered Car Park to which a parking session applies, with any such session to proceed and be paid for by the User as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, and for which a parking space lease agreement is entered into as provided in the terms and conditions of the Car Park to the session applies.

Operator's Infrastructure means any devices and software, whether APCOA's or Car Park owner's, used for automatic number plate recognition on a Vehicle's entry to and exit from the Car Park and to transmit such information to APCOA's Pre-booking System infrastructure. This information may also be transferred to APCOA's Service Partners. With the Operator's Infrastructure, Users may  benefit from whatever services are available to them based on data transmitted to the Operator.

Card means a User's payment card that is accepted by APCOA for Pre-booking System payments.

Airport means the Warsaw Radom Airport (Lotnisko Warszawa-Radom im. Bohaterów Radomskiego Czerwca 1976).

Car Park means the paid area with available Parking Spaces for which a Parking Space lease agreement can be entered into in exchange for a Parking Charge to be paid as provided in the Car Park terms and conditions.

Operator means the entity managing Operator's Infrastructure, which could be APCOA or a provider acting on its behalf and for its account;

Parking Charge means the amount to be paid by the User to APCOA in respect of their Parking Space lease agreement by whatever payment methods are available in the Pre-booking System and at such rates as are specified or determined in these Terms and Conditions and in the relevant Car Park's tariff in the Pre-booking System. Where Parking Charges are paid via the Pre-booking System, an additional Transaction Fee may be charged.

Transaction Fee means an additional fee in respect of payment handling costs and parking transaction processing via the Operator's Infrastructure. This is a fee that APCOA may levy and add to the Parking Charge. Should a Transaction Fee be charged, information to this effect will be provided before the Parking Charge is paid.

Partner means the entity which APCOA works with to provide the Services. This could the Car Park's owner or manager.

Vehicle means a motor vehicle that is identified in the Pre-booking System by its full registration number.

Parking means a Parking Space lease agreement relating to the Service and involving Operator's Infrastructure. On entering into it, the User pays the Parking Charge through the Pre-booking System.

Terms and Conditions means these APCOA Terms and Conditions which set out the User's and APCOA's respective rights and obligations in relation to the provision of the Services.

APCOA means APCOA Polska Sp. z o. o. (previously APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o. o.) of Warsaw (Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warsaw).

User Account means an individual account the User sets up in the Pre-booking System to park via the Pre-booking System and use the Services.  A User Account is set up once these Terms and Conditions are have been accepted and it allows the User to benefit from the Services as specified in these Terms and Conditions.

Services means electronic services APCOA will be providing to Users via its Pre-booking System, such services including pre-booking of Parking Spaces and such other services as may be offered for a specific term and at specific times; entering into a Parking Space lease agreement or a contract for other services; providing information on the Parking service and other available services, including on their pricing, and making payments for the Parking service or other services; accepting requests for sales invoices and issuing such invoices; and viewing the content in the Pre-booking System, including advertising materials.

User means a natural person, a legal person or an unincorporated association with full legal capacity that use the Services via the Pre-booking System.

III - Technical requirements

  1. Users may use the Services once they have met the minimum technical requirements to use the Application, as follows:
    1. an Internet-enabled device (for mobile devices, with the iOS or Android operating system installed on the device);
    2. access to an active e-mail account when using the Pre-booking System Services;
    3. an active telephone number with a mobile network operator;
    4. an active Card or some other payment instrument to effect payments via the Pre-booking System.
  2. Internet access and data transmission charges will be paid by Users as charged by their operators.

IV – General arrangements for Services

  1. The Services which APCOA provides under these Terms and Conditions do not require a User Account to be set up. However, such an account will allow for User details and User transactions and Parking Charges to be recorded.
  2. To use the Pre-booking System, you must accept these Terms and Conditions. To do so, submit a declaration to this effect in the Pre-booking System by following on-screen prompts. To use the Car Park, you may have to accept other terms and conditions, including those for use of the Car Park.
  3. To set up a User Account in the Pre-booking System, the User needs to provide any such details as required by APCOA and follow APCOA's screen messages in the Pre-booking System. Setting up a User Account in the Pre-booking System requires the User to do what is required by these Terms and Conditions when setting up the account.
  4. To set up a User Account, the User must:
    1. accepts these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy;
    2. registers their Vehicle in the Pre-booking System;
    3. provide the necessary User Account set-up details in the Pre-booking System;
    4. consent to APCOA immediately commencing its Services as soon as the User's Vehicle enters the Car Park identified in the Terms and Conditions in reliance on the the Pre-booking System Service. In their consent the User agrees to the Services being commenced before the end of the period in which they can withdraw from their Parking space lease agreement (Parking). Accordingly, the User will be required to pay the Parking Charge for the the time parked until the withdrawal.
  5. A Vehicle can be registered in the Pre-booking System without a User Account. In such a case, registering a Vehicle requires that the User:
    1. accepts these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy;
    2. registers their Vehicle in the Pre-booking System;
    3. provides the necessary details in the Pre-booking System for their Parking Space lease agreement.
    4. consent to APCOA immediately commencing its Services as soon as the User's Vehicle enters the Car Park identified in the Terms and Conditions in reliance on the the Pre-booking System Service. In their consent the User agrees to the Services being commenced before the end of the period in which they can withdraw from their Parking space lease agreement (Parking). Accordingly, the User will be required to pay the Parking Charge for the the time parked until the withdrawal.


V – Parking and Parking Charges

  1. To park, the User must:
    1. specify their Parking Time in the Pre-booking System;
    2. provide the required User and Vehicle details;
    3. confirm those details by clicking the "Buy" or "Book now" button;
    4. choose their preferred payment method and agree to advance payment for the selected parking time.
  2. The User must exercise due care when transacting. If incorrect details are entered, including details preventing User identification, payment may be declined and the transaction will be cancelled.
  3. With the Pre-booking System, Users can pay their Parking Charges as follows:
    1. by their Card or other available payment instrument being debited with the Parking Charge when the User specifies their Vehicle's Parking time at the Car Park (this is the primary way of paying and is based on the User's consent as referred to herein; the Card will be debited with the Parking Charge with User's participation before the Parking starts); should the Parking time be extended, the Card or other available payment instrument will be debited again pro rata to the extended Parking time. APCOA reserves the right to change the payment method for extended parking time, depending on the available Operator's Infrastructure.
    2. by paying the Parking Charge via other payment methods in the Pre-booking System than the Card;
    3. Once collected, the Parking Charge will not be refunded if the Parking is ends early.
    4. The Transaction Fee applies separately to each Parking session, whether started or extended.
  4. In the Pre-booking System, the User consents to APCOA charging the Card or the account (if some other payment methods are used) as payment for the Services.
  5. By selecting the "Buy" or "Book now" button, the User expresses their intention to enter into a distance agreement for Parking Space lease and to book a Parking Space at the same time.
  6. On selecting the "Buy" or "Book now" button the User will be redirected to the website of APCOA's affiliated payment service provider.
  7. APCOA will inform the User that their booking was recorded successfully via a message to that effect in the Pre-booking System and via a Booking Confirmation that will be sent to the User's email address as provided during the booking process. APCOA will send the Vehicle details to the Operator to enable the User to park using the Operator's Infrastructure.
  8. Where a Pre-booking System User pays their Parking Charge via their electronic banking service, this will be done as detailed in the Terms and Conditions which the User has accepted.
  9. The User's obligation to pay the Parking Charges starts at the time of booking. The User may use the Pre-booking System for this purpose, provided that:
    1. the Pre-booking System is working as intended;
    2. the Service has not been blocked by APCOA;
    3. the Service is not restricted in operation due to force majeure.
  10. Prior to Parking completion the User must shall pay APCOA the Parking Charge as quoted in the tariff for the Car Park concerned, such tariff as specified in the Pre-booking System.
  11. The service APCOA provides via its Pre-booking System shall be deemed to have been discharged once the Parking is completed. The parking Space lease agreement (Parking) will expire the moment the Vehicle has left the Car Park.
  12. A bank statement or a card statement for the card used to pay for Parking via the Pre-booking System will serve as proof that the Parking Charge was paid. A confirmation will be provided for each completed parking session. It will be sent to the email address or telephone number the User provided during the registration process.


VI – Booking Confirmation

  1. The Booking Confirmation is what allows you to use the Services. It must be saved in electronic form on your mobile device or on paper and shown when entering the Car Park, whether on foot or by car.
  2. The User must check whether the details in their Booking Confirmation match those in the order they placed.
  3. The Booking Confirmation features a unique electronic code that is read and verified on the Operator's device.
  4. The Operator may consider the Booking Confirmation to be invalid if it was damaged or destroyed.
  5. Your Booking Confirmation may not be shared with third parties or resold.
  6. APCOA may refuse to sell the Services if there the Car Park runs out of the available Parking Spaces in the period nominated by the User.

VII - Personal data

  1. APCOA is the controller of Users' personal data.
  2. For details regarding the legal basis, purpose and period of data processing and the User's rights, please read the Pre-booking System Privacy Policy. That Policy takes into account the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“GDPR”) available at uodo.gov.pl/404.
  3. For any inquiries regarding data processing or in order to exercise your rights under the GDPR, please contact our Data Protection Officer via e-mail at daneosobowe@apcoa.pl or by writing to APCOA Polska Sp. z o. o. (previously APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o. o.), Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warszawa, with a note “personal data protection”.
  4. APCOA may rely on the information a User has provided in the Pre-booking System, including their personal data, to recover any amounts the User owes to APCOA, whether under these Terms and Conditions or those for use of the relevant Car Park.
  5. The User may also wish to receive marketing information from APCOA's Partner (e.g. the Airport Manager) relating to the Service the User has ordered. For this, the User will have first given consent to their personal data (e-mail address) being forwarded. Such consent is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time.

VIII – Complaints and dispute resolution

  1. If Services do not work as they should, the User may submit a complaint to APCOA. A complaint may be submitted:
    1. in writing, personally or via a postal operator, courier or messenger, to APCOA's address: APCOA Polska Sp. z o. o. (previously APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o. o.) Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warszawa;
    2. electronically to the following e-mail address: rezerwacje@parking-lotniskowarszawa-radom.pl.
  2. The complaint should include a concise description of the concerns raised, Vehicle registration number, the Car Park address, the date and time of the event and the User's data including their address for correspondence (e.g. residential address) or, if the User requested an e-mail reply to their complaint, then also (in addition to the information above) the User's e-mail address to which a reply is to be sent.
  3. If so requested by the User, APCOA will acknowledge receipt of the complaint by email or in writing.
  4. APCOA shall investigate the complaint as soon as possible but no later than within 14 days from its receipt.
  5. If the complaint requires more information, APCOA will request the User to provide such information.
  6. We will send our reply to a complaint on paper to the User's correspondence address, unless the User has complained by e-mail, in which case our reply will be sent to the e-mail address the User provided.
  7. The User should note that it may facilitate and expedite a fair investigation by APCOA if the complaint is submitted as soon as the User has started to have concerns.
  8. The complaint procedure does not exclude any rights the User may have under applicable laws.
  9. The User has the right to file an action against APCOA in an ordinary court of law. Any claims the User might have against APCOA under these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction as per the Civil Procedure Code.
  10. If you are a consumer, you may also use out-of-court means of redress, including, without limitation, via the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Courts at the Provincial Inspectorates of the Trading Inspection Authority.
  11. If you are a consumer, you may also contact your local District (Municipal) Consumer Advocate for assistance.

IX – Other regulations

  1. Neither the Pre-booking System nor the Services may be used to violate or circumvent the law or fair dealing rules.
  2. The User agrees to use both the Pre-booking System and the Services in a manner that comports with the law and the community standards of justice and fairness, and for the sole purpose of using the Services as intended in these Terms and Conditions. When using the Pre-booking System, the User shall not provide any content that the User is not authorised to provide or any content that is false, including, without limitation, any content that violates any rights of third parties or is contrary to good morals.
  3. For as long as the User has a User Account in the Pre-booking System, the User may at any time request to be provided with these Terms and Conditions on a durable medium, including also by e-mail or on paper. The User may also download and save and store these Terms and Conditions on their device.
  4. APCOA reserves the right from time to time carry out modernisation and maintenance work or update any systems that support the Services to which these Terms and Conditions relate. This may restrict the use of the Services.
  5. APCOA may refuse the User to access the Car Park if the User has bought the Service for the nominated day and time and is more than 60 minutes late.
  6. Where possible, APCOA may allow the User holding their Booking Confirmation for the nominated date and time to enter the Car Park earlier than at their booked Parking time, but not earlier than 120 minutes before the Parking start time and provided that the Service can be rendered at that time.
  7. No refunds or amendments are available where the Service the User paid for is not used. APCOA will not provide a refund for the unused Service, subject to clause 8.
  8. In the event the Car Park is closed, APCOA will refund whatever charges were paid for Services bought for the period of Car Park closure or will offer to reschedule the Service.

XI – Communication

  1. APCOA uses Polish to communicate with Users.
  2. Except as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, the User may reach out to the Company:
    1. electronically via e-mail to: rezerwacje@parking-lotniskowarszawa-radom.pl;
    2. by writing to APCOA Polska Sp. z o. o. (previously APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o. o.), Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warszawa.
  3. APCOA will communicate with Users electronically, by telephone or in writing, always provided that unless these Terms and Conditions or the law provide otherwise, e-mail or messages transmitted via the Pre-booking System will be the primary means of communication with Users.

XII – Amendments to these Terms & Conditions

  1. If there are valid reasons to do so, APCOA has the right to amend these the Terms and Conditions as laid down in this paragraph.
  2. The following will be valid reasons for APCOA to amend these Terms and Conditions:
    1. compliance with the laws affecting the provision of Services;
    2. changes in or introduction of new taxes or public levies relating to the provision of Services;
    3. recommendations, guidance or other findings or directions from public authorities;
    4. improving the security of Services;
    5. enhancing the functionality of Services;
    6. adding new Services;
    7. strengthening the competitiveness of Services in the market;
    8. changes in the costs of external providers' services or in the costs to maintain and operate the infrastructure to the extent the same is involved in the provision of Services;
    9. the Company terminating its relationship with the Operator or any other entity APCOA works with to provide the Service;
    10. APCOA discontinuing the Services or changing the terms on which they are provided.
  3. The Parties agree that any amendment to these Terms and Conditions that brings new functionality to the Pre-booking System shall be without prejudice to the User's accrued rights. The User will be informed of any such amendments to these Terms and Conditions in the manner customary for communication between the Parties, including, without limitation, by the new Terms and Conditions being published and the User having to accept them. If the current Terms and Conditions for the Pre-booking System are not accepted, the User Account may be blocked until they are accepted.

XIII – Final provisions

1. The Parking and the Parties' rights and obligations as described in these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Poland. 








These Regulations apply to the "Kiss&Fly" Short Stop Zone ("Zone") and all transport network ("Network") and parking facilities ("Car Parks") on the premises of Warsaw Radom Airport ("Airport"). The operator of the Zone and the Car Parks is APCOA Polska Sp. z o. o. (previously APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o. o.) ("Operator"), and the current price list ("Price List") is displayed at the entrance to the Zone and each Car Park, and can be found on the website airportkowarszawa-radom.pl.

By entering the area of the Transport Network and Car Parks, the User enters into an agreement with APCOA Polska Sp. z o. o. (previously APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o. o.) for the use of the Network and the lease of a parking space under the conditions specified in these Regulations (Art. 69 and Art. 384 § 2 of the Civil Code).


    1. The Kiss&Fly zone is an unguarded, supervised short-stay zone.
    2. Car park P0 is a car park for subscription parking only and for short-term parking of vehicles of visitors attending meetings in the Airport Management building.
    3. Car park P1 is a commercial car park and is a supervised facility.
    4. Car Park P2 is a commercial and subscription car park and is a supervised facility.
    5. The BUS car park is a commercial and subscription car park for use by buses.
    6. Entry to the Network and Car Parks is by one-off ticket, LPR camera reading or by subscription card.
    7. Vehicle parking time is counted from the moment of collecting a one-off ticket, the LPR camera reading or the subscription card scanning at the entrance, until the moment of exit after the scanning of the ticket, LPR camera reading or scanning of the subscription card by the terminal at the exit from the Transport Network.
    8. A one-off ticket allows entry from the Transport Network to the selected Car Park, by being automatically recoded by the parking system at the terminal at the entrance to the relevant Car Park.
    9. A subscription card allows entry only to the Car Park for which it was issued.
    10. A person holding a one-off ticket or a subscription card assigned to a vehicle shall be deemed by the Operator to be authorised to enter the Transport Network or the Car Parks, to drive the vehicle within the Zone or the Car Parks and to exit the Zone or the Car Parks.
    1. When a vehicle enters the Network or a Car Park, a fee is payable,
      at the rate indicated in the Price List, according to the time and place of parking.
    2. Parking fees apply 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
    3. Payment shall be made prior to departure at the automatic ticket machines (cash or payment card), at the Zone exit terminals (payment card only) or at the Parking Services Office (cash or payment card).
    4. After payment of the fee, the vehicle User has 10 minutes to leave the Airport area. If the time limit of 10 minutes is exceeded, a fee is charged for the use of the respective parking zone in accordance with the Price List.
    5. The parking system registers the number plate data of the vehicle and associates it with the one-off ticket collected or the subscription card. Only a vehicle that has entered with a specific one-off ticket/subscription card is allowed to leave.
    6. Any obstruction by the User of the reading of the vehicle number plates, e.g. covering some of the plates or adding characters, is forbidden and will result in the vehicle being added to the "black list" and banned from using the Network, the Zone or any of the Warsaw Radom Airport Car Parks until the vehicle is unblocked in the system. In order to unblock a vehicle in the system, the vehicle User must contact car park personnel in person, by phone or e-mail.
    7. If the User needs an invoice for using the parking services, the following rules apply:
      1. if payment is made at the Parking Services Office, it is necessary to inform the Operator of the intention to obtain an invoice, before recording the transaction in the cash register, and to provide the tax identification number (NIP). If the NIP number is not on the receipt, no invoice will be issued;
      2. in the case of payments made at parking ticket machines, providing the Tax Identification Number is not required, but the option to print a receipt must be selected when making the payment;
        1. the original receipt must be submitted within 15 days following the end of the month in which the purchase was made (by post or in person) to the address of the Parking Services Office at Warsaw Radom Airport ul. Lubelska 158, 26-600 Radom.
        2. the invoice will be issued no later than on the 15th day of the month following the month in which the service was provided and sent to the purchaser.
    1. The provisions of the Road Traffic Law apply to the Zone, the Network and the Car Parks
      and the permitted speed of vehicles is 10 km/h.
    2. It is prohibited to enter the Zone, the Network and the Car Parks by vehicles carrying explosives, flammable materials or posing a danger to other users or their property, with the exception of vehicles delivering fuel to the restricted area of the Airport.
    3. In the Zone, Network and Car Parks, it is forbidden to stop and park vehicles in places other than those designated for this purpose and to park vehicles in the Zone without the appropriate permit.
    4. It is forbidden for the Driver to walk away from the vehicle in the Kiss & Fly car park. If the Driver walks away from the vehicle, the vehicle may be towed away at the User's expense or the User may be charged a fine.
    5. It is forbidden to stop buses in the Kiss & Fly car park, with the exception of buses that have obtained the relevant consent from the Airport Manager or the Car Park Operator.
    6. Each vehicle in the Car Park may only occupy one parking space.
      1. In the Zone, Network and Car Parks it is strictly prohibited to:
      2. store fuels, flammable substances and empty fuel containers,
      3. refuel the vehicle,
      4. leave a vehicle with its engine running without justification,
      5. park vehicles with a leaking fuel line, oil sump or leaking LPG system.
      6. Repairing, washing, vacuuming vehicles, changing coolant or oil, refuelling or polluting the environment in any other way is prohibited in the Zone, in the Network and in the Car Parks, as well as on the entrance and exit roads of the Airport.
      7. The maximum duration of parking on the basis of a one-off ticket is 30 days. After this time, the vehicle will be considered abandoned within the meaning of Art. 180 of the Civil Code.
    1. The Operator has the right to refuse to allow a vehicle to enter or leave the Zone, Network or Car Parks.
    2. The Operator may require the production of a document authorising the driver to drive the vehicle.
    3. In the event of an attempt to leave the Zone, Network or Car Park without making due payment or taking other actions to avoid payment, the Operator may put the registration number of such vehicle on a "black list" of the parking system, thereby preventing the vehicle from re-entering the Zone, the Network or the Car Parks, until the outstanding parking fees and fines are paid.
    4. In the event that the vehicle is parked outside the designated spaces, blocking traffic or failing to comply with other obligations of the User, the Operator has the right to immobilise the vehicle. The Operator also has the right to move the vehicle by towing it away, and then charge the User with the costs of towing the vehicle away and with the storage fee.
    5. The immobilised or towed vehicle may only be released after the following steps have been taken:
      1. payment of the fee charged for immobilisation or towing and storage of the vehicle,
      2. payment of the fee for parking the vehicle in the Car Park, the Zone or the Network in accordance
        with the Price List,
      3. presenting the registration certificate (or the vehicle key) and its verification by a car park employee,
      4. signing by the person collecting the towed vehicle of a statement on its collection.
    6. The Airport and the Operator are not liable for damage due to theft, loss or destruction of the vehicle, as well as items left in the vehicle. The above limitation does not apply to damage caused by the Airport or the Operator.
    7. The Airport and the Operator are not responsible for the consequences resulting from force majeure and the User's failure to comply with the provisions of these Regulations, as well as for damages caused by other users of the Car Park or third parties.
    8. In the event of damage, claims will be considered only if reported to the Operator, before leaving the Zone, the Network or the Car Park.
    9. Any complaints should be reported to the Operator in writing at the car park service office or by sending an e-mail to the address given in the contact details available on the website rezerwacja@parking-lotniskowarszawa-radom.pl
    1. The User is liable for all damage caused by them, their employees, contractors or persons accompanying them.
    2. All traffic damage caused within the Zone, Network and Car Parks is dealt with
      under the compulsory third party liability insurance of the perpetrator of the damage or in the form of direct payment by the perpetrator of the damage.
    3. The User is obliged to secure the vehicle and the movables left in it, including through the use of the security systems in place, against theft, loss or damage and against unauthorised persons entering the vehicle, and not to leave in the vehicle items that are not its original equipment, which may pose a threat to the security of the Airport and its users.
    1. Employees and representatives of companies operating at the Warsaw Radom Airport may apply for a subscription.
    2. The Operator decides on the allocation of the relevant subscription to the user in question and the parking zone assigned to the subscription on the basis of the Subscription Application Form submitted by the interested party.
    3. The parking spaces covered by the subscriptions are not assigned to users and their occupation will be determined by the order of entry.
    4. The number of subscription spaces in the car parks is limited and the location of the subscription car parks may change during the subscription period.
    5. A maximum of 2 vehicle registration numbers can be connected to an employee subscription, while 1 vehicle registration number can be connected to a company subscription.
    6. At any one time, 1 vehicle assigned to a subscription may enter the Network, Zone and Car Parks. In the event of a second vehicle needing to enter the car park, the vehicle in question may use the car park on a general basis in accordance
      with the valid price list for individual clients.
    7. Sharing the parking card with other persons/vehicles is prohibited. Failure by the subscriber to comply with this prohibition risks the subscription being blocked and the subscriber having to enter on general terms in accordance with the applicable price list.
    8. In the event of termination of employment or change of personal details, the User is obliged to inform the car park dispatcher within 5 working days, and the subscription will be blocked,
    9. A paid subscription is valid for one month or one quarter or one year and must be paid for before the indicated deadline in order to be renewed.
    10. Failure to pay the subscription for a period of one month or a quarter or a year may result
      in the removal of the subscriber from the system.
    11. If Polish Airports SA's cooperation with a given Business Partner ceases, the subscription expires on the expiry date of the Agreement.
    1. In the event of loss of a one-off ticket, the vehicle User is obliged to notify the Operator immediately. Prior to departure, the User is required to credibly demonstrate their entitlement to use the vehicle.
      The vehicle may not leave the Car Park until the relevant authorisations have been produced.
    2. The fee for a lost one-off ticket where the actual parking time cannot be determined from the parking system data is PLN 300.
    3. The fee for a lost one-off ticket where the actual parking time can be determined from the parking system data is PLN 25. A charge for a lost ticket is added to the charge for parking in the Zone or in the Car Park in accordance with the Price List to enable the User to leave the Network.
    4. In the event of leaving the Zone or the Car Park without making the due payment or taking other actions aimed at avoiding payment, an additional fee of PLN 300 may be charged or the Operator may place the vehicle in question on a "black list". Removal of a vehicle from the "black list" involves a charge of PLN 500 per user.
    5. The Operator is entitled to charge an additional fee of PLN 200 to the User who parks the vehicle in an unsuitable space (unsuitable space includes: obstructing the entrance/exit, parking on a traffic island/curb, occupying a disabled person's space without a valid permit, parking on the lawn, parking on marked rented spaces without the renter's consent, parking in a traffic lane, etc.).
    6. If a parking space reserved for another User is occupied by the User, the Operator is entitled to charge a fine of up to PLN 500 or have the vehicle towed away at the User's expense.
    7. The Operator is entitled to charge an additional fee of PLN 50 for each case of violation found by the Operator, unless a different amount is indicated in the Regulations.
    8. In the case of persistent violation of the provisions of these Regulations by the User holding a subscription card, the Operator shall have the right to temporarily block the card of a given User, regardless of the imposition of penalties provided for in the Regulations.
    1. In connection with the conclusion and performance of a Rental Agreement, the Airport and the Operator process the Car Park User's personal data within the meaning of these Regulations and are the controller of their personal data. Personal data is also processed for the purposes of internal
      and external debt collection, enforcement proceedings and the processing of complaints. Personal data may also be processed for the legitimate interests of the Airport or the Operator, such as direct marketing of products and services.
    2. The Airport and the Operator process the following personal data: the registration number of the vehicle and the image of the Car Park User and accompanying persons, if video surveillance is installed in the Car Park. In the case of complaint, debt collection and enforcement processes, the following data is processed: name, surname, residential address, PESEL, email address,
      telephone number, registration number, vehicle make and image of the car park User. The provision of personal data is an obligation under the Rental Agreement. Failure to provide data
      in the case of complaint, debt collection and enforcement processes will result in these data being taken from public registers.
    3. The recipients of the data processed in connection with the conclusion and execution of the Rental Agreement are the Airport and the Operator, debt collection companies, providers of email services and parking and
      IT systems, as well as entities servicing these systems and the equipment on which they are installed, banks, and, within the limits provided for by law, also entities to which the Airport is obliged to make such data available.
    4. The Airport and the Operator exercise due care to ensure that personal data are processed within the territory of the European Union and, where transferred outside the territory of the European Union, ensure that they are not used for purposes other than those for which they were collected and are stored
      in a manner that guarantees an adequate level of security.
    5. Personal data will be kept for the duration of the Rental Agreement and, after its termination, for the period required by law, in particular for the period resulting from accounting regulations and for the period ensuring that the Airport and the Operator are able to establish and pursue claims related to the Rental Agreement.
    6. The Airport and the Operator shall respect each person's rights in relation to the processing of their personal data. In particular, any person whose data is processed is entitled to:
      1. be informed about the processing of their personal data,
      2. access, request rectification, completion and amendment of their data,
      3. delete their data ("right to be forgotten"),
      4. limit the processing of their data,
      5. transfer the data,
      6. object to the processing of their data for legitimate purposes by the Airport and the Operator as data controllers, including direct marketing of products and services and profiling, and the right not to be subject to a decision which is based solely on automated processing.
    7. The Airport and the Operator exercise the aforementioned rights by providing the possibility of making the relevant request by email to: daneosobowe@apcoa.pl, as well as in writing to the Airport's or Operator's address marked "personal data", with the proviso that:
    8. the data subject has the right of access to their data and the right to be informed about the data, but this right may be actively exercised no more than once every 6 months. More frequent use of the right to be informed and to access data will be subject to a fee of
      PLN 50 paid to the Operator's bank account prior to the execution of the submitted request. This fee represents the reasonable costs incurred in the exercise of the right of access and is permitted by law.
    9. the data subject has the right to request the deletion of their personal data, in particular when the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, and in particular for the performance of the Rental Agreement. However, the Airport and the Operator are not obliged to delete the data if the processing is necessary for:
      1. exercising the right of freedom of expression and information,
      2. complying with a legal processing obligation under European Union or Polish law, or performing a task carried out in the public interest, in particular the Accounting Act,
      3. archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes,
      4. the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
      5. in the event that the data subject objects to further processing for the purposes of marketing their own products and services or profiling, the Airport and the Operator will respect such an objection, but will continue to process the data for the purposes of performing the Rental Agreement, fulfilling obligations under accounting regulations, handling complaints and conducting internal and external
        debt collection.
    10. The Airport and the Operator inform that the person who has entered into the Rental Agreement is not subject to decisions based solely on automated processing of personal data.
    11. The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office against the Airport's and the Operator's processing of the data.
    1. Conditions deviating from the provisions of these Regulations are to be agreed in writing under pain of nullity.
    2. In all matters not regulated by the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Road Traffic Law shall apply.